Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 23rd

Oh what a fun month we have had!!!

On June 9th we had to go back to see his immunologist because his ear was still hurting and he had just finished his last round of antibiotics the day before on the 8th. He had a CAT scan done where everything looked good (for Jacob) but his ear was still infected so we were given another 10 day supply of antibiotics, Zithromax.

That night and the night of the 10th he screamed and cried ALL night long. After being unsuccessful with getting him in with his ENT doctor, he was on vacation, and by suggestion of his immunologist we took him to the childrens's emergency room. Well long story short his eardrum had ruptured and at that point cased as outer ear infection where his ear canal had swollen closed. He was given antibiotic/steroid drops and pain drops. We had a follow up appointment today with his ENT and his ear is healing nicely and he suffered no hearing loss!

We started Hizentra last week an so far the infusion results are fantastic! Jacob told me there was no pain during the initial start and it infused much quicker. He had a mild headache about 2 hours after infusing so we gave him some Tylenol and that was the last we heard of a headache. We do infusion #2 with Hizentra tomorrow and I hope the outcome is just as good.

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