Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August 19, 2009

The good news and the bad news!

Good news Jacobs IGG total came back at 1096!

The bad news, Jacob couldn't fight the sick bug any longer:(

6/24/09---Started coughing and getting that general "gurggly"lasting throughout the week

7/31/09--Minor Coughing back and constant throat clearing lasting throughout the week

7/7/09--still coughing and constantly clearing his throat and lasting throughout the week

7/12/09--started coughing again (had a couple day reprieve after his infusion) also had minor
sinus congestion. He had his infusion on 7/15/09

7/29/09--Serious sinus congestion starting

7/30/09--Woke up at 0430 with Croup sounding cough, sore throat and severe sinus
congestion. Started getting headache and gave him Tylenol at 0830. All symptoms
continued to last throughout the entire week with out much change.

8/2/09--serious sinus congestion and constant cough. That night at 2200 he began getting a
migraine headache and abdominal cramps. He started projectile vomiting several times
throughout the night.

8/3/09--Woke up in the morning with headache continuing and still having severe sinus
congestion and "wet" cough.

8/6/09--Today his sinus congestion turned from clear to yellow/green.

8/10/09--Sinus congestion continued and drainage would toggle from clear drainage to yellowish
drainage. On this day his drainage turned greenish and having wet, choking cough.
Called his Immuno and was put on a 14 day supply of OMNICEF.

He is stating to do a little better with his infusions. The last 2 weeks he hasn't cried with the "pokey". I have been asking him question during the "poke" minute that he has to think about so has started thinking about the answer instead of the "poke". I have discovered that if I undo the clip to stop the flow on the tubing he dosen't get the initial sting with the start of the flow, this has helped also. However, we still have to hold him down but progress is being made. We are currently entering into week 28.

His immuno Dr. has done a complete run-up of all my levels. There is some indication that he might possibly be XLA as opposed to CVID so I am getting al sorts of tests done to see if I am the carrier.