Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17, 2010

I had to take Jacob back to the Dr. on April 27th. He woke up a couple days prior to this and told me his ear hurt but then never said another word. Last night he was crying in pain so I made an appointment at his pediatrician. He had the "Worst infection I have seen in years", I would love to go to the Dr. just once and not hear those words! Anyway, he was given a shot of Roceftin (he said it hurt a lot) and a 10 day supply of Suprax. She only give one or the other but since it's Jacob she wanted to make sure we got everything cleared up.

On May 7th we had an appointment with his Immunologist to have his ear checked out and to talk about switching him to Hizentra. His ear looked good and we are going to get him switched over ASAP, pending insurance approvals. We will have a infusion nurse sent to our house for the first two infusions on Hizentra to make sure he has no adverse reactions. He will also be getting an increase in his Immunoglobulin since he has been on a downward spiral since he got the Swine flu in February. He gets his IGG levels check again in September and if he gets another infection within the next several months he will be getting a CAT scan to make sure the infections are getting cleared and he is just not "reinfecting" himself with the same infection that hasn't been getting cleared up 100%. He will also go through round 2 of the allergy scratch test this summer. He had it done 2 years ago and only showed an allergy to Aspergillis, mold, but he ALWAYS has some sort of post-nasal drip and is constantly clearing his throat.

Jacob has made a online SKYPE friend that has CVID like him and we will be meeting in person in July. Jacob is so happy to have met him.

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