Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 2, 2011

We have a very busy several months. We went to Pheonix for the IDF convention and, once again, got a lot of good information.

Lately as Jacob has been infusing he gets these hard knots under his skin, that he call nickles, that stay for several days to a week after infusing. Theses knots also hurt him a little. While at the convention we learned that the needles were to big for him, adults were on the same mm. We have gotten new needle sets and he still gets the, nickles, but they don't hurt. (One more thing to ask the Dr)

His most recent IGG levels came back at over 1300 and he hasn't been sick, on antibiotics, since February! He has had a few asthma flare-up but only very minor.

He is still doing the infusions like a champ and take approximately 2 hours to complete the infusion. We have have discovered if we go any faster than the rate we are currently at he gets migraine headaches that will knock him out for a long while.

We are scheduled to go to Alaska in September, just 1 month, and we are all so excited.

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